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John's Android Applications is founded on the idea that apps should serve a purpose, be functunal in everyday life, helping you to enjoy the little things. Stay tuned as there ae more to come!

Get your music on!

John's latest app is designed for the radio channel changer in mind. This alternative radio changer is for the Android device. See what AppBrain had to say.

"John's Web Radio is an internet radio streaming application. It currently has a database of over 350 internet radio stations. Any of these stations can be added to a list of favorites for easier access. The application also allows the user to have up to 5 presets for quick access. The application is designed to play music in the background while the user does other things - like riding a bike or working out at the gym. It's free and has ZERO ads! There is also a FAQ page in the application to, hopefully, answer any questions you might have. "

February, 2012 - AppBrain

With our first successful app on the way I look forward to creating more that will continue the theme of an app being practical. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back in for the latest developments.